Aufmarsch - WW1 Mod for RO2

Recently released on Steam Workshop, Aufmarsch: The Great War 1914 - 1918 is a WW1 mod for RO2. Currently we have one Western Front map set in France, 1918 and an Eastern Front Map set in 1915 is near completion.

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  • Ooooo Poison gas is cool

  • It looks very nice, however, I always felt that the movement and mechanics of RO2 were dull.
    It's gonna be nice to see how this game is gonna devellop and cope with taking its place in it's gerne.
    From personal experience, WW1 fps games have small communities. At this stage, it can't compete with Verdun, but if your taking out a portion of the already small community that Verdun is, I think both games won't really get of the ground.

    I wish the devs all the best of luck, however, it's nothing new, and there already excists a good game within the gerne. Not sure if many people will pick up this mod.

  • Can't seem to get this mod to work on my game. "Download Failed" Oh well :/.

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