8th Combat Squadron

Hello gents! Some of you i know, some of you i dont. Im 1LT Barthel of the 8th Combat Squadron. We are a fictionalized casual milsim unit that has no set time scheduling restraints and allows our members to come and go as they please as long as they check in under the current guidelines.

That being said, after some revamping lately, we have a few servers up and at the moment. We have our operations server, public server and a testing server. this is the ip for 8th CS Server #2 which is currently running public patrol ops. ACE 3, TFAR and CBA REQUIRED. all other mods are allowed. This is open to all and everyone is welcome. Please come in whenever u feel bored and shoot some pixels with us!

Voice.8thcs.org <----- our teamspeak
forums.8thcs.org <----- our forums

come check us out sometime!


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