Award (Linus R. Bagge)

Cpl. Dashwood said:

During the second round of the Company Drill during the attack on Silo building and its environs, towards the end of the round, PFC Bagge had taken over leadership of the squad after a failed attack by the team on the Silo objective. With most of the team dead and time running out, the PFC took his SMG to hand and rushed the objective dispatching four enemy combatants in quick succession. Attempting to keep the enemy on the back-foot, the PFC maintained his attack but quickly ran short on ammunition. Not letting this stop him, he placed himself in the middle of the enemy position in such a way that when he came under fire the enemy were unable to avoid collateral blue-on-blue fire which resulted in the death of a further two hostile combatants.

PFC Bagge's selfless actions in the face of overwhelming adversity show the exemplary behavior I expect from any soldier serving under my command within BP2S1. His skill at arms and quick-thinking significantly helped to tip the balance in the favor of his team. As such I would like to recommend him for a Purple Heart in recognition of his gallant self-sacrifice.



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