TS Server - informed to leave

I was in your channel around 3:35 PST 1/29/2015. I was in one of your public channels when a Cpl. came into my channel and informed that I needed to leave. (I assumed that if I didn't leave voluntarily, then I would've been kicked).

I wanted to know what the reason was for me being forced out of your TS, despite the fact that I do have a Honorable Discharge, which includes the permissions for me to join the 29th TeamSpeak.


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    Indeed. You had lied to us about your age when you had previously enlisted with us. You seem to be 14 according to your enlistment to the 2nd RB and we've hence revoked your privileges under an Honorable Discharge.

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    Link to the Enlistment Page

    As you can see here, the enlistment form for the Second Rangers is censored for privacy. I have to question how you managed to gleam PFC Bley's age from the site when even I can not.

  • It has been verified by several members of the 29th that the age listed had been "14" before it was classified.

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