DH Technical problem- issue with my HUD

Hello, I have been playing on this server for 19 hours and suddenly I have an issue, that my HUD is invisible, i cannot see in game chat (but i can hear voice chat). I cannot join any teams or choose any class (but there are people in server and i can spectate, watch them play). I have no idea what happened. When i join any different server, everything is fine. It is happening only in 29th id server. How could I fix it ? I really enjoyed this server and community to be honest and I miss playing in my free time with you mates.

(screenshots to visualize my issue):


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    Try pressing the + key to increase the size of the hud. Check your settings to make sure you haven't inadvertently turned off you hud.

    Edit: It's been a couple of years from DH for me so the specific key might not be correct.

  • I will try again. I checked in my option, that HUD is not hidden ,but why i cannot join any team and they are no roles to choose from? As I said, i only have this on this server. Thanks for answer mate. I will try to press +, who know,s it might work.

  • It worked for a day, now it does it again.. I have no idea why..

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