MMB (Massive Milsim Battles)

Hi mates, i am here to invite you to the ARMA 3 TvT Project we are organising. So MMB is a project hosted by ARMA 3 Greek community, wich we started few weeks ago. Our main goal is to gather up as many quality english speaking squads for a good and quality TvT. Every squad wich joins gets its own squad in game, and the leader can be chosen to lead whole side if he wants. All the rest info wich you need you can get on our site ( ) or you can contact us directly trough our TS3 server (

I hope you are interested and you will join us! :)


  • Thank you for stopping by, Frenky.

    It's always good to have friendly contacts throughout the ARMA3 community.
    We'll defenatelly take a look at your invitation and stop by.

    Thanks and good luck!

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