Where is Everyone?

I see 42 people online at ts most of the day but all servers empty, were is 29th members playing? Arma3 servers empty DH's servers are the only one active for time to time but not that much 29th members either.. So was just wondering what you guys doing :)


  • Most likely due to the varying time zones of all of us, people are on at different times, hence the roughly 50 guys on during the day for you. But at your night time the american's will be on as it's their daytime.

  • I may have put my words incorrect, I meant that at that time I posted this there was 42 people online at TS. But all servers was kind of empty :)

  • Normally we just meet on Teamspeak to talk or we play different games outside of the 29th.

  • Okay, I have just been pretty much active the past weeks, and rarely see anyone one the arma3 servers. Yesterday night I was trying to play one the server in the hope someone will come in and join, but not much happen so I went to another server. The map one the servers atm is kinda impossible to play with only a few players.

    It seams for me that the only few arma3 servers atm that have an active gaming one in realism is 7cav and some few others. Not like back in the time for a few years when I was playing there was much more servers. Maybe also because of the school time now exams etc :)

    But maybe also someone can tell me why people can't hear me in game talk? I set the in game talk to "Tab" and it shows when I talk but no one can hear me..

    Also I have a hard time to favorites my servers like 29th don't even come up when I "filters" servers with 29th?

  • You should probably ask The medical corps about in-game problems but what I would recommend is checking if the correct microphone is connected to steam. Click steam - Settings and check to see if the correct microphone is connected.

  • I found out the prob with he mic :)

  • If you have any issues with your game/PC, you should have been given contact info for a Medical Corps member to help you out.

  • Well I still don't have access to the medical corps :)

  • That's irrelevant. You should have the contact info for a Medical member. Ask your EL.

  • Well, I just re-enlisted a week ago, and just today I was approved.

  • Oh roger that, didn't notice the time you posted this. But now you do have an EL, so ask him. :)

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