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    Hello everyone!

    Apologies for the post running a bit stale these past two weeks. PFC Thomas and I hit some hiccups with Life things and as such we have not been able to continue our joint efforts.

    It All Changes This Week!

    Without Further adieu I am happy to announce that the developers working on our loved Antistasi scenario have just released their latest (and greatest)
    FULL RHS AFRF integration along with a multitude of improvements.

    This may mean our campaign has been (or may need to be) wiped and started over. I am sure our fearsome fighters will once again come to the call and ride out into the sunset together in a fearsome rendition of Romeo and Juliet where or lovely enemies are stars crossed lovers and we are their poison come to end it all it a fantastical, wild, and gripping struggle. A perilous tale ripe with strife and bitter success. (too far? eh maybe a little). After all we only secured the North West portion of the island. The rest WILL be taken before we move to the new islands of Tanoa.


    That's right!
    They're already working on adding Tanoa to their playable maps. I myself am super excited for the opportunity to shake things up and get down and dirty with an unfamiliar terrain. (Soon to come within the next couple (few) months)

    update about times

    As before our Friday/Saturday play will continue. Be sure to add myself or PFC Thomas on steam (Burkardt or PFC Thomas) for information on delays/expected start time for that day.

    Having that said our usual times are Friday afternoon around 7pm Eastern-10ish
    and saturdays 9am Eastern-12 and usually the afternoon.

    We are flexible in our times.
    Welcoming of Drop in/Drop out playing
    and always looking for me people to join us.

    PFC Burkardt


    I don't feel like I quite did the latest patch justice in my short description so here are the raw change log notes
    (They're pretty rad):

    Update: 6 July @ 00:15am
    06/07/16 v1.4

    • MODDING: Conversion of AAF to GREENFOR. You can now replace AAF with whatever faction you wish by filling out a template. It cover troops, vehicles, gear, the works.
    • NEW FEATURE: Full RHS AFRF integration. If you start the mission with RHS AFRF loaded, AAF will be replaced with AFRF, using the new GREENFOR module. FIA troop loadout will use AFRF gear, and you'll have the ability to buy AFRF vehicles & static weapons.
    • NEW FEATURE/OPTION: Alternate fast travel system. Only HQ and newly introduced FIA camps serve as fast travel destinations. Default: enabled.
    • NEW FEATURE: FIA camps. The commander can deploy up to five of these camps at any given time to provide fast travel points for FIA troops. In these camps, you'll find a crate with some basic supplies and some food to heal yourself. Buiold them either through Building Menu > Camps Management
    • NEW FEATURE: Toggles for the fast travel system (old/new) and the arsenal (regular/simplified access), available at Map -> Game Options -> Commander Menu
    • NEW FEATURE: NATO UAV. You can now call in an armed NATO UAV, which will be under your command for 30 minutes.
    • NEW FEATURE: NATO Roadblocks. If NATO controls a base on Altis, they'll be able and willing to set up a roadblock at a position of your choice. This roadblock is a much more formidable defensive position that regular FIA roadblocks.
    • NEW FEATURE: Ability to lock/unlock vehicles. Commander can lock/unlock all vehicles, players are restriced to unlocking their own vehicles.
    • NEW OPTION: Simple arsenal access mode. Gear is no longer removed from members upon accessing the arsenal. Default: disabled. thanks to DeathTouchWilly
    • NEW OPTION: Boost to initial FIA resources. If you lack hair on your chest or do not enjoy the initial phase of the campaign all that much, you can boost your initial resources and unlock basic gear upon starting a new campaign.
    • NEW OPTION: Increased income. 50% more cash and manpower than normal, every 10 minutes.
    • NEW MISSION: Supply Recovery. Supporters of your cause had to abandon their vehicle when they encountered a patrol. Find the site, load up the cargo and deliver it to its destination.
    • NEW MISSION: HVT Convoy. Go and ruin his day.
    • Friendly statics deployed at FIA HQ, outposts, resources, factories, harbours and power plants will be saved properly!
    • TFAR: Radios will no longer be stripped from you upon accessing the arsenal.
    • TFAR: Initial arsenal loadout, NATO ammo drops, and camp crates now include long range radios. Only LR radios obtained from NATO ammodrops and Ammocrates at bases/outposts may be unlocked (there are different types).
    • GREENFOR observation posts now include a mortar.
    • CSAT sniper teams deployed near cities.
    • Engineer squad available for recruitment -- replaced sappers. They will still remove minefields.
    • Replaced timers with progress bars as people seem to be oblivious of the timers.
    • Healing at the vehicle ammo crate now also resets your undercover cooldown.
    • GREENFOR & FIA AI vision at night fixed. thanks to daveallen10
    • Changed map colour of player markers to white, pink if incapacitated.
    • Changed map colour of camp markers to Orange and Roadblocks to Yellow
    • Added a few uniforms to the initial arsenal loadout, including the survival fatigues -- so now you can finally makes use of those rebreathers.
    • Increased initial FIA motorpool to make the start less demanding for less experienced players.
    • Increased GREENFOR group size for attacks and QRFs -- they now spawn with trucks full of infantry instead of just groups of 6-8.
    • NATO artillery disabled -- having MLRS, even immobile ones, at your disposal was just overpowered.
    • Destroy missions no longer spawn automatically, you have to ask Petros for one.
    • Reduced the cost of a quadbike/UAZ to 50 Euros.
    • Reduced the cost of Civilian Helicopter to 6000 Euros (comes from FIA funds if commander)
    • All Military vehicles come from FIA funds if commander and come as unlocked as standard
    • Modified some changes in the attack countdown to counter a set of circumstances under which you could be facing several attacks in very short succession.
      And many, many bugfixes and improvements not listed.

    Set 2

    • Weapons and primary mags are unlocked on the same time, to avoid problems when the mag is unlocked but not the weapon.
      Update: 14 May @ 9:11pm
      14/05/16 v1.0
    • NEW FEATURE: FIA markers will show a number representing the number of garrisoned troops in the zone. This will show real time numbers.
    • NEW FEATURE: Instead of the cheap actual delete minefield, now commander can hire an engineer which will be in search of mines, deactivates them, stores them in his truck, and if near to base, adds it to the ammobox.
    • NEW FEATURE: Player Traits. Depending on what class players pick, they will have some advantages on camo, sneaking and load capacity. SP users pick the default Officer traits (less carry capacity, more camo, more sneaking). On player connection player will receive a message on the perks of the selected class.
    • NEW FEATURE: All players will have access to a HC bar (with no commanding options if they are not commanders). This will be used as information interface about enemy and friendly positions, as BIS HC module has it's own marker system.
    • NEW FEATURE: Comms interception integrated with the HC module. Player will receive info on map when the High Command is activated about nearby AAF vehicles, no matter if seen or not.
    • NEW FEATURE: MP vehicle ownership. Vehicles retrieved from Personal Garage or purchased with personal funds will be marked as owned by the player who done it. No other players will be able to mount it if they are not in the same group than the owner. No one will be able to garage that vehicle except commander and for the FIA garage pool.
    • NEW FEATURE: For non TFAR users: Players need an equiped radio to be able to perform several things such as recruiting squads, NATO aid, seeing player markers and other related things which are supposed to need to have radio communications.
    • IMPORTANT: To unlock a weapon, it's primary magazine type has to be unlocked already.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Non unlocked weapons, weapon attachments, items etc.. will be removed from player and added to the ammobox (or vehicle ammobox if no member) when accessing Arsenal, to avoid exploits.
    • IMPORTANT: Added some messages when players gain money, fia funds, hr or prestige changes.
    • IMPORTANT: Tweaked mission rewards. Generally speaking: no negative impact on city support for AAF on mission success.
    • IMPORTANT: Markers and notifications such as "xxx Spotted" have been removed. This will avoid loops so mission should run slightly better. Exception for this are the convoy objective and mission vehicles.
    • IMPORTANT: Server will allways reserve one slot for members, so any non member JIP players will get kicked if there is only one slot free and not all the members are in. In member JIP, if the server is full, a non member will be kicked if not all members are in. The maxmimum slots are counted from the editor placed maxmum units, so server admins will have to edit the mission to the desired number to use this feature.
    • IMPORTANT: On refugees evac missions an AAF QFR will be sent after some time to the refugees position.
    • IMPORTANT: Only server admins can add or remove members.
    • IMPORTANT: NATO Ammodrop helis can be commanded with the HC module. Send them to the agreed drop point to receive their supplies.
    • IMPORTANT: Greatly improved AI surrendering / fleeing routines. Better performance. AAF Garrisons may surrender too.
    • IMPORTANT: Healing someone on Undercover may make the player lose it.
    • IMPORTANT: If no commander present, there won't be any AAF vehicle substraction on destroy or any AAF money pool substraction.
    • IMPORTANT: Conquering a power plant will have no inmediate effect on people´s support, but increase / decrease steadily on each tax report up to a 100% support adding both sides.
    • IMPORTANT: Idle/Busy status on bases and airports has been improved. Now some actions affect it's business and not only big attacks performed (kill the Officer makes the base set to "busy" for 30 minutes). Status is integrated in the Persistent Save System.
    • IMPORTANT: AAF may launch multiple small attacks to easy targets simultaneously or instead the big ones.
    • IMPORTANT: Instead of waiting to lose a major attack, AAF will deploy minefields on bases considered as hot zones if they have resources on each tax report.
    • IMPORTANT: Real time numbers on garrison detail too, as it won't wait for losing sector or despawning to update numbers.
    • IMPORTANT: HALVED AAF vehicle pricing costs in MP.
    • IMPORTANT: AAF funds will never go below 0.
    • IMPORTANT: Convoy objectives are not automatically revealed and shown on map.
    • IMPORTANT: Raised zone search radius for mission request to 4Kmts.
    • IMPORTANT: In city supply missions AAF closer than 50 mts to the truck will make the counter restart.
    • IMPORTANT: When a city joins FIA, there is a chance of AAF sending a supply convoy to "retake" the city.
    • IMPORTANT: QRF may consist on CSAT troops if no AAF available.
    • IMPORTANT: When no big attack is scheduled, AAF may launch a convoy mission to "retake" some city.
    • IMPORTANT: Divided by 4 the ammount of city support loss on troop killing.
    • IMPORTANT: CSAT Punish wont appear if FIA has no conquered bases.
    • IMPORTANT: Traitor missions won't give the exact spot of the traitor "house" but a near position. Players will have to search for the right house.
    • IMPORTANT: FIA must capture Altis Central Airport (near Gravia) to win the scenario.
    • IMPORTANT: Planted mines and thrown grenades near Petros will get automatically deleted and may lead to punish.
    • IMPORTANT: In SP, AI squadmates will have a small skill bonus.
    • IMPORTANT: In MP reverted CSAT money support to a bonus on each tax report. CSAT support will be near 100% in advanced game, allways. In SP there is no bonus at all.
    • IMPORTANT: Player ranks and score are not persistent saved for non members.
    • IMPORTANT: Added Neophrons, armed Orcas and Tarus to possible CSAT spawn.
    • OFFICIAL SERVERS: Server side autosave enabled.
    • A hundered of more or less important bugfixes which I cannot post here due to space limitations.
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    New version 1.4a uploaded to the Coy. server.

  • Splendid Chief! I'll be hopping in this week to do a little poking around and give a final status update before we launch Friday. This time around, it seems we will have to much more careful about how we traverse the land with the addition of sniper teams supporting towns, and mortar emplacements on the camo net outposts. :) truly exciting.

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    The snipers haven't been much of a problem, considering half the time they just walk around in the center of town along with the regular AAF/Russians.

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    Agreed PFC Bae. The sniper teams we have faced have been grouped with larger forces. It now seems via patch notes that they will be their own 2 man patrols around towns. Potentially providing a more unexpected attack. Their accuracy has been quite atrocious so I'm not expecting significant changes there but the fact that we will encounter them in possibly largely open terrain or unfavorable conditions should lead to some noteworthy skirmishes.

  • Looks like our progress is still the same

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    Hello All!

    Since the Tanoa rollout version of Antistasi has been taking longer than I anticipated. In place of our weekly guerilla scenario. I will be designing and running a bi-weekly custom mission. These missions will attempt to emulate a more guerilla tactic approach without the limitations on what we can do. If you would like to join, I'm solidifying the time slot to Saturday afternoons. This will be taking place an hour after CP2S1's drills. So we will be kicking off at 4pm EST and 2100 (9pm GMT). This is something to help me hone my mission making abilities and hopefully gives an outing to those who enjoy some down and dirty guerilla style warfare. I invite all of you to come out and when the Antistasi Tanoa version rolls out we may be switching over. Depending on how these custom missions go. That being said the 1st week we start this will be Saturday September the 3rd. Spread the word and hope to see you there!

    Edit: I'll also be loading a briefing of what we will be doing BEFORE the drill in this post. So as soon as we get loaded in we will be doing a short brief so we can start as quickly as possible. Expected run times for missions will be 1-2 hours. With multiple objectives and respawns mid-way through or at key points. The goal is to have an action packed serious fun. :)

  • Cant wait PFC Burkardt

  • Also, Wanted to add. These missions will be mainly focused on PvZ. Players Vs. Zeus. I will be delegating command to whoever is present and willing. This is an opportunity for anyone to step up and (informally) try out leadership roles. I'll be focusing on how to make the missions better and intense while everyone can get some good experience. As always post here or pm me with any questions.

    P.S. Post if you can make it. The missions will be scalable to the numbers that show. The more we have, the more I can throw into it.

  • It's a holiday weekend so I'll definitely be present!
    Hope y'all will be there

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    Guerilla Warfare

    September 3rd: Operation Iron Strike

    Map: Sahrani
    Expected operation duration: 2 hours
    time: 0400-0600
    AO: Northern valley of Passo Epone and Camp Santa Lucia - Grid ref: 140039, 122027


    You are a contracted Private military company. Somewhere, someone very high is in need of a "delicate" political shift and a no strings attached fighting force to do his bidding.
    You are that force.

    United Sahrani? Not for long. There are movements happening in the world of super powers. This mission is purely on a need to know basis.

    Here is what you need to know.

    A military installation manned by local militia and armed by NATO is to be completely and utterly eradicated. There is to be no vehicle, man, or structure left standing.
    This is about sending a message. You will make this message so incredibly clear it makes the great wall of china look like a paper mache kindergartner project.
    This is phase one.

    Phase two you will be sacking a military depot.
    Several ammo caches exist and we will capture and return these to HQ.
    Be prepared to face Armor, air, and infantry.

    Questions about the objective?

    //Expected enemy forces

    Infantry, Heavy and light armor, QRFs consisting of infantry and Attack helicopters.

    //Secondary objectives

    1. Comms tower
    2. Fueling Depot
    3. Capture HVT

    enter image description here

  • Looks awesome!

  • Ready for Operation IRON STRIKE. Woot Woot. :)


  • Why is the liaison wearing US Army uniform?
    Should the PMC tighten this loose end at the end of the rounds?
    All eyes in the intelligence services worldwide are fixed upon Sahrani

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    a shady PMC group intends to cast false blame. ;)

  • Think it's time we put some skills to the test?
    How well can you communicate and navigate?
    come find out Saturday :D

    enter image description here

  • Today's the day! If you're down to play bring some friends!
    5pm EST, 2100 GMT

  • And remember, if you're going and bringing friends, be sure to inform me and/or PFC Burkardt so he can better prepare everything!

  • Correction on times because I can't do math.
    5 pm EST (insert GMT equivalent). So less than 1 hour and we begin. :)

    4 September 2036, United Sahrani
    Amidst an ongoing United Nations' peacekeeping mission in the recently united Constitutional Kingdom of Sahrani reports have been coming in regarding a clandestine CIS strike force hidden deep in the northern forests of the island. The UN Peacekeeping Task Force, constraint by its strict ROE and protocols have been rendered useless in investigating and dealing with this strike force. Rumours about a pretender for the throne have sparked panic for an another devastating civil war, and the presence of the CIS in this area isn't a good sign.
    With the bulk of its armed forces tied up in the Pacific against a combined Russo - Chinese military presence, the US seemed inept for such a large concern on the island of Sahrani. The stabilizing situation on the Mediterranean island of Altis has allowed the US to replace a large portion of its 29th Infantry Division for other missions, one of which allegedly happened last night on Sahrani. An anonymous intelligence source belonging to the Stoic Prospect Private Military Company has leaked several compromising photos implicating of an active US military presence and definitive confirmation of the CIS strike force on Sahrani.
    enter image description here

    A picture of a Stoic Prospect task force inserting onto the northern shore of Sahrani.
    enter image description here

    The soldier on the left is wearing an US Army military uniform, however without identification patches it's impossible to know which unit he belongs to.

    enter image description here

    Definitive proof of the presence of Russian armored personnel carrier (APC) and main battle tanks (MBT), CIS officers can also be seen discussing.

    enter image description here

    Destruction of several CIS heavy artillery.

    enter image description here

    Deceased crews of a downed CIS helicopter taken out by Stoic Prospect.

    enter image description here

    Destruction of a CIS MBT by alleged US supplied weaponry.

    enter image description here

    Captured CIS officer.

    With information pointing out to an increasingly complex situation developing on Sahrani, the fear about an another Syrian Civil War which resulted in the Great Nuclear Incident of 2017 has been on the rise. With the Pretender being supported by CIS forces and Stoic Prospect (allegedly) supplied by the US, all of the world now heeds from the United Nations and its Operation UNMIS as to what will happen next for the region.

  • Fantastic account of the event and great pictures. I am sorry I missed it.

  • *Great Nuclear Incident of 2017: a watershed event in world politics resulting from the Syrian Civil War: A North Korean-supplied nuke was detonated in the city of Aleppo with catastrophic results. The UN decided that it had had enough and decided to invade the region with ruthless force, bringing peace back to the region after 6 years of incessant conflict.

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    Next Operation: killing fields

    September 17th

    Angered by our recent activities in the field, our target has located our HQ in the field. The only worse news is this means we have a leak inside our organization. Getting straight to the point. reports came in that there is a massively mobilized force heading our way. Main HQ has vital intelligence and incriminating evidence. It must be saved
    or completely wiped clean. No traces left behind. There are choke points our enemy must pass through. you will stop them before they reach HQ.

    Or you will blow everything in it to oblivion.

    Same time as the last operation!
    Saturday 5pm EST.
    September 17th

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    As evening rolls into darkness the eerie rumble of thunder and following silence rock the night like a lullaby. Perched in the dilapidated fortress anxiously you wait.

    Mission is go. I repeat, Mission is go.

    Finally the wait is over. The slick icy metal beneath your gloves brings the comfort of familiarity as you climb into the BTR.

    Ignition. Lights. Weapons Check.

    Nudging the transport forward, beneath you the mud churns and smears but eventually gives way.
    You adjust your grip one last time before rolling down the mountain valley roads into the fog knowing that you aren't the only ones out here looking for the traitorous insider. Two hours. That's all you've got.

    Cold. Wet. Battle worn.
    Like a broken record the mission repeats in your mind. . .

    Find Zarchov.
    Kill Zarchov.

    Protect HQ.
    Or blow it to oblivion.

    heh. . .so this is why they named it the Killing Fields.

    I'd tell all of you on top to stay frosty but it looks like you're all freezing your assess off already.

    Scattered chuckles amongst the squad let you know that spirits are high. For now.
    The fog engulfs the convoy and with every inch forward it thickens along with insurmountable dread.

    Doubt in oneself an be overcome.
    Doubt in the mission is deadly.

    See you on the other side HQ.
    Alpha team is rolling out.
    Radio silence until RTB.

  • Event will be starting 1 hour later than usual today! (6pm EST)

  • Switching back to other Events, Tanoa Antistasi has been going swell!

    (screen shots to follow)

  • wow this is epic

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    From the Depths

    From the ashes we will rise
    Whispers echo across the land.
    With each, a gun in hand.

    Deep in the Jungle a fire burns
    Hot and Envious

    Sweat, blood, and tears have been shed. And For What?!?
    I ask.
    Today is the day that This. Tyranny. Ends.

    No longer will we toil in the fields of misery
    No longer will we cower under false shelter

    We stand together today.
    We may die together tomorrow.
    And perhaps, when enough blood is spilled and our enemy has had their fill
    We can rest together.
    In this life, or the next.

    enter image description here

  • I soooo wish I would've asked PFC Thomas which server y'all were on before he hopped off Steam, I soooo would've loved to join you guys.. Looks like it was a great time though, excellent screenshots

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