Mare Nostrum [DH Mod] Server?

How do you guys think about a 29th Mare Nostrum server? I think it would be awesome and campaigns would to dope!


  • Would be easier to use base RO1 like the RP server did.

    They are running a DH 5.1 server on RO1 due to the updates constantly breaking their stuff.

  • I'm all for a 29th Mare Nostrum server, I love playing as those lovely italians

  • It would be interesting if we have one server in the MN and have drills there occasionally. I believe that would be a great new impulse in playing for the members of the Baker company. I don´t know if the HQ has ever considered this option.

  • Been a fan of Mare Nostrum for a long time i rate it highly excellent mod worth looking into.

  • Would be awesome if the content was ported over.

  • Mare Nostrum is an awesome game, the 29th use to have regular pubbing sessions there when I first joined. Me and 2Lt. Jacobsson had many fun nights in there.....

  • I'm all for a MN server. I've never had the chance to really play that mod with anyone.

  • Definitly yes!
    I am not enlisted, but a player who is often enough on the 29th server.

  • Yep, I think it´s a good idea just for the amazing, exclusive voice-commmands that game had.

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    I agree and it would maybe motivate more players in the community to play the mod regularly and populate it again.

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