Airsoft and Paintaball

I read the rules and hope i didnt miss any.

But im a big fan of airsoft and paintball, and i was wondering if anyone else here is and like to discuss it.


  • Well, i found this airsoft battle thing called "Armored War" that is in Russia. A big event with tousands of people fighting with paintball against each others on two sides. This video show pretty much how it works. would be neat to go there someday.
    And this site that sells Airsoft equiptment:

  • That is really cool, I would love to attend such events

  • Man I would love to play paintball or airsoft some day

  • I play Airsoft at least once a month and have been going for a round a year a 6 months now.

  • I went on two airsofting trips with my college before we all had to leave. It's bloody good fun.

  • I plan to try out Airsoft someday, but I don't know how good the local arenas are near me. If anything, I can just do paintball, though I think Airsoft would suit my tastes more.

  • I played paintball yesterday as a matter of fact. It's been 8 or so years since I last played and I had a pretty good time.

    If you're interested in big games, in the US, this place called Skirmish hosts a massive "D-Day" weekend, sorta similar to the video you posted. My father and brother went and they had an alright time. Refs were jerks and people tried stealing things but from what I hear, the actual combat (when it wasn't the massive landings) was pretty neat.


  • Every year we also have a fairly local 'big game' for paintball. Havent been the last few years but its great fun, they make up some cool scenarios with different classes in the mix(medic, AT, spy etc.). Last time I went it was just shy of 2000 people. Orobably grown over the years too.

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    I play airsoft, love it, love every second of it. I've been playing airsoft up here in Canada for almost 4 years now. I'm what airsofters would call, a "gun-whore". I but guns, but I don't like selling them. I have a collection of about 5, maybe 6 guns, one of which is an A&K M249. I've based my airsoft MG load out on practicality and my in-game AIT.

  • I've recently been playing paintball at this one place, and it's awesome; the refs are great, and the players can sometimes show a lack of effort, but I've found many great players who want to win like me.

  • Hi there I have been a member of a Milsim Airsoft team for 1,5 years now and I absolutely love it! We are a squad of 8 at the moment and we try to head out at least twice a month. The kind of games we love to play are 24 hours+ games on really big fields, with realistic objectives, vehicles and ammo restrictions. It is physically and mentally very demanding but totally worth it, i'd recommend anyone in the 29th to give milsim a try!
    Airsoft is also what got me interested in joining the 29th ID (just got accepted into the division as a private today yay!) as I wanted to also be part of a realism unit in this awesome videogame so I can share the skills I learn doing both and stay active as a "soldier" even when I am not out in the woods. I am really glad to have joined the 29th and can't wait to be assigned to a squad and march into battle with you all!

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    I have been playing paintball now for 5 years and love the sport. I just got finished playing a stock class tourney at the local field. I mostly play pump open an stock class but I have started to get into speedball
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  • I just got into airsoft and it's really fun. The one problem I had was I was playing with rental equipment and they gave me a paintball mask that made it hard to aim down the sights (I couldn't rest it on my shoulders) even with the stock extended. I'm planning on going to this one huge airsoft place called Ballahack Airsoft and am going to get a good airsoft AR soon.

  • @"2Lt. Bergstrom" said:
    @"PFC Weston" I think you need this

    Haha, I would have my airsoft loadout the same as my 29th BLUFOR loadout

  • There is a big paintball event called folda gap here in the states. It's semi cheap, but it is a two day long event where you have to pre-register to get added to one of the historical units that were around folda gap during the cold war.

  • So based in the cold war? Sounds nice

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    I'm going to big airsoft mil sim called Berget in sweden with a few from the 29th this week. Its not cheap to start airsoft, but it sure is fun!

  • Oh yeah, A couple of squadmates are going there too. Seems like fun, but still a few years untill i can legally join. Sucks having my 18th birthday after next years event.

    If a few 29thers still plan on going in 2019, I'd join you folks in a heartbeat.

  • If this year turns out to be fun.
    We'll continue to go there.
    Hit me up if you want to come with.

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