Sea of Thieves

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This game looks amazing, love the art work.


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    Sea of Thieves releases this Tuesday gents. Has Xbox one cross play. Ive played the beta for several weeks and I can say its a blast to play with friends. If anyone else has picked this up or plans to, add me on Steam. Couple of us already have it, its a great time. Its also absolutely gorgeous to look at and some of the most realistic and best looking water ive ever seen in a game. Only available for Windows 10, Xbox One and on the Microsoft Store on PC.

    Heres an article summing the game up pretty good.

    Heres a video summing everything up by the devs, watch this first.

  • I know, @"Cpl. Cooper" and @"Cpl. Donofrio" has picked up the game. Personally im gonna wait and see what they release and their plans with microtransactions.

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    Only planned micro-transactions are pets, and will not be rolled out for a month or two. Honestly can't wait, Rare is a great company, they won't steer us wrong.

  • Yeah there are no game breaking micro transactions. If buying a microtransaction that is a pet and helps support the devs I'll definitely buy them. I pre ordered the other day. Can't wait to play.

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