• Interesting, not sure what would make me buy this rather than just playing the DoI mod already in Insurgency though. I like the mod, it kind of reminds me of DoD:S just a little more realistic, which is funny because it looks like they used the American rifleman model from DoD:S at the end of the Day of Infamy trailer...

  • Actually, looking at their website it looks like they might be closing the Insurgency mod

  • I really love seeing WW2 (and WW1 with BF1) coming back to the FPS videogame genre, it shows that people are sick of the modern warfare games and looking to rough it up with the old school weaponry! But this is basically the WW2 mod from Insurgency and they just took that mod over and now turning it into a full game, might as well play DoD: Source as it looks identical.

  •'t Veld, yes I am agree with you, finally people is waking up and see they are tired from modern warfare, even I didn't knew there is a ww2 mod to insurgency, I will search it

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    The game is in Early Access now on the Steam store with more maps and details. I'm enjoying it alot.

    For those interested:

  • I've never played Insurgency so i'll judge it as a total new game.

    The (+)
    -Great graphics
    -Great moddeling (the weapons look nice)
    -Unusual weapons (Lewis MG, flammethrower, grenade launcher,...)
    -You can customize your equipment
    -No crosshair
    -No crazy fast reloading/aiming/deploying
    -Fire supress effect
    -Workshop: so it's easy to add content
    -Small effects like smoke coming out the gun, smoke from breathing on winter maps

    The (-)
    -Rabbit style: you can jump a lot with no effects and jump from quite high without injury
    -The uniforms: the lack of insigns makes the uniforms really poor
    -Way too much MG/sniper/lights/heavy on some maps
    -Physics: the player's foot or body (when proned) always stay at the same level or horizontal
    -On 3rd view players are holding the weapons with a modern style (like holding the weapon above the right arm when moving)

    But it's early access so there will be changes.

    I'll put this game between RO2 and DH with a DoD style. Some parts of the game are more realistic than RO2 but on other hand with a "rush and spray" gameplay. The maps are small (16vs16) and made like DoD. It's totally playable on a 10vs10, while on DH 10vs10 is an "empty" server.

    Is it finally the new ww2 best game like a lot of people is saying ? Hum, I don't know, it needs bigger maps with more players (32vs32). And vehicles (no planes) would be really great on those big maps.

    DH is getting old (and "broken" if you see what i mean) but it's still the best ww2 immersive game.

    Final word, enjoyable early access game for the moment.

  • Hey guys I was browsing the steam workshop and found that someone made 29th skins for the Americans. Havent tried yet if it works tho ,but the screenshots look good.

  • They look ok ingame, too bad you can pretty much only use them in coop or single player.

  • 10 hours of gameplay later

    -Solo and Coop
    -Different objectives modes (A/A or A/D) for the same map
    -Smoke effect (cough, blindness)
    -British nades
    -Flammethrower backpack can explode

    -Lack of melee. There's a knife or entrenching tool but bashing with your gun is still faster than switching weapon
    -Hitbox... Now i'm downvoting the game to a kind of "hardcore arcade". It's a oneshot festival. Like there's no skill needed. The first one to shoot is the one getting the kill. Just aim "towards" the ennemy and shoot. Hitboxes really seem bigger than it should be. Oneshooting a guy by missing his foot. Headshot on a guy hiding behind a crate even if his head was in cover... I really don't have the same sensation like in DH or RO2 "Oh I'm under fire, he missed, run run, ouch he shot my arm, quick, some cover over there, he missed again, yes I'm in cover". Here it's 95% of the time "Oh I'm under... nvm, I'm dead"

  • @"PFC Dubois" Do you think it worth it ?

  • If you have played Day of Defeat and you want a new game like that, yes go for it.
    If you want a new DH / RO2 game, not really, at least not yet.

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    Rec. Cramer said:
    Ever since the insurgency mod, day of infamy, Ive been really into what seems to me to be a mix between a third day of defeat with a red orchestra feel.

    I play late night, almost every night. However, Id like to see what a squad of disciplined individuals can do in the game when actually working together as a squad and using chain of command during gameplay.

    Whatre your views on day of infamy since the mods developers have released a standalone?

    Also, here are some quick clips I've uploaded of Day of Infamy.

    **Reload** - Don't forget to reload.

    **Double Kill** - Missed the first shot, hit the second and third.

    **Rain** - Have you ever seen the rain?

    **Bug** - Don't flip through classes when teams are about to switch. Lol

  • Great game for those "looking" for Day of Defeat 3. :)

  • @"PFC Dunford" said:
    Great game for those "looking" for Day of Defeat 3. :)

    We do not mention the other one. This would be Day of Defeat 2.

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    @"PFC Dunford" said:
    Great game for those "looking" for Day of Defeat 3. :)

    Agreed. Although, I'd enjoy an FG42. Though I spoke with some of the devs, they said they're keeping it Western front, so we may never see the FG back in a DoD styled game. (They did get the blessing from valve to carry on the DoD feel, that's why they're so similar.)

  • @Rmerac said:
    Though I spoke with some of the devs, they said they're keeping it Western front, so we may never see the FG back in a DoD styled game.

    Quite a strange thing to say, as the FG 42 saw use in France. Not that widely used, but I doubt the C96 carbine they added saw that much use either.

  • Since the game officially came out a few days ago, I thought it'd be a good time to update this thread! And reading through the old posts, I gotta admit that I didn't really notice the improvements of the game when playing it but it's freaking what they've done with it. I'm particularly impressed with the addition of the historical units lately and the 'new' maps like Crete or Foy.

    This game feels both arcade and realistic at the same time which I think is awesome.

  • Also check out the full conversion mod Born to Kill, focused on vietnam wars.

  • @"PFC Verbruggen" said:
    Also check out the full conversion mod Born to Kill, focused on vietnam wars.

    When are they going to release it separately?

  • They have a Dunkirk map in beta. Let me know if you're going to be playing I'll gladly hop on.

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