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What is it? A melee-action game packed with lots of violence. It's mainly aimed towards PvP so if you're a fan of how the fighting works in Mount & Blade with loads of AI to kill then you're in for a bit of a treat. There will be a campaign mode.

What's in it? As the picture above suggests the three factions will be, 1. The knights, 2. The samurai, 3. The vikings.

Sexy Trailer

Gameplay Trailer - Skip about a minute for actual gameplay

Cinematic Story Trailer


  • Looks great and all, but its a Ubisoft game, and i have promised myself not to buy another Ubisoft game again, they are all buggy, unoptimized and most of what you see from E3 trailers will not be in the full game.

  • Always give it time show off some more gameplay footage.

  • anyone playing the closed alpha?

  • This game looks good but it's success all rests on the combat and mechanics. Will they endure the test of Call of Duty time, only time will tell.

  • I think it'll do well enough during the Call of Duty times. People are surely getting sick of that game already.

  • FOR HONOR FREE in uplay

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