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  • Some of you guys know I am a carpenter. However mainly framing and renovations and finishing. I bought my first house within the year ( our dream on a acreage), and I promised my wife a new kitchen table. So I took on the project of cutting down some trees on the property and make my first log piece. It was a enjoyable experience and learnt some do's and don't's for next time. This is the final phase of it constructed. I am still waiting on it drying more completely as it was green wood for most of it. Its still looks great and super strong and it's not even finished yet. Final final phase will be some sanding and filling small cracks and a oil finish of some sort. I have not decided on what oil finish I am going with yet. I am however excited to see it actually completed. It took me about a week start to finish with my time after work which isn't that bad in my mind. All with hand tools. Pulling the bark a large draw knife. Milling the logs with a chainsaw (okay not REALLY a hand tool), a hand plainer, a drill and saw. Each leg (Aspen wood) has its own unique feature of "cat face" (the black design on the leg), which I pointed all outwards. The border is was a Spruce, and the core is Cherry. I cut the Spruce into 4 quarter logs, so its is still rounded on the bottom.

    excuse the sightly spotty pictures... Lighting wasn't that good and my phone did what it could

  • Awesome job Cpl., looks cool

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