Arma 3 - Apex COOP Campaign

Arma 3 Apex COOP Campaign


Hey guys, im looking for someone to help me take on the new apex campaign, since i thought
it would be more fun to play with someone else.
I currently don't know how many people you can play together, but the more, the marrier.
So feel free to either messages me here on the forums, or add my steam.



  • Campaign is limited to 4 people. It is pretty fun, I did it in one go with Zim, Weston and Thomas.. Lasted a good 3 hours or so. Weekends seem to be a good time, but keep in mind you don't have to beat it all at once - though it's based on the host's progress.

  • I'm willing to offer my assistance. Haven't had a chance to play it yet. Coop is always fun in my opinion.

  • Thanks Sgt and T5 if you could add me on steam, so we can find a good time to play, i got 1 more guy with us. BTW forgot to say prefered time is GMT friendly.

  • GMT is no problem at all. Since I live in Belgium ^^

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