Rules and Dates


22nd August
BP3 vs 2.FJ
(bp3 starts in the red area, 2FJ green)
St-Lo Campaign
8pm EST
Objectives: West, North and South Junctions.
30 min round.
BP3 will not recieve half-tracks.
Standard scrim rules.

A/A 2 rounds winner from 1st round defends in second.

Saturday 27th August
_BP2 vs 2.FJ
St. Lo Campaign
Allies start in se spawn
map limits
8pm gmt

Scrim rules

The same basic Rules will be applied:

No Trash-talking, No Ghosting, No Boosting, No Hacking, No Map exploits, No Dead talking, No Weapon Cloning.

Weapon / Vehicle restrictions, start locations and time limits must always be observed.

Each team can bring a maximum of 32 players to a battle, forces should be even by +/- 2 people.

Date & Times will always be in this thread.

Where: 29th ID Euro / Company Server

Maps, Objectives, Time-limits and Start locations will be announced in this thread.

Weaponry: Map limits.

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