Coding / Mapping Resources for DH?


I had this crazy idea to get back into coding again and was wondering if we still have the 29th wiki for mapping and coding? Maybe someone from the Engineer Corps could help me out with a couple of links? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section of the forums.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hey T4, it's great to see you around again!

    Unfortunately the links are broken on the wiki but there is still some info in the Engineering section of the forum: particularly on mapping.

    With the 7.0 changes in DH alot of our custom code for the mutators is still not functioning properly or at all: So if you fancied some challenging coding for DH I'm sure PFC Verbruggen would love to hear from such a renowned provider of custom content such as your self ;)

    If you need anything in particular feel free to send me a pm, I've been trying to consolidate and preserve the resources and skills we have available for DH and have put together a few guides. From the coding side PFC Verbruggen has made some good progress too so he would be a good source of information.

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