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  • That bounce... Low...ri...dah... is a lil higha 10/10
    COUNTRY - USA, Somalian variant
    NAME - UH-60 Blackhawk Down
    YEAR - 1974, variant 1993
    CLASS - Utility helicopter
    CREW - 2-4+

  • 6/10
    enter image description here

    PLACE OF ORIGIN - Bikini Bottom
    NAME - The Patty Wagon
    YEAR - 2004
    CLASS - pussy magnet
    CREW - 2 (you can probably cram a third in)
    ARMOUR - Lettuce

    HISTORY- The Patty Wagon possesses a fuel-injected deep fryer with dual overhead grease traps, a sesame seed surface finish and grilled leather interior.

    Only 1 was ever made.

    The Patty Wagon was eaten by a fish, which was then eaten by a bigger fish. The vehicle is presumed to be destroyed or lost at the bottom of the atoll.

    absolute madmen

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    enter image description here

    PLACE OF ORIGIN - Garrison's garage
    NAME - IT
    YEAR - 2001
    CLASS - Sphere
    CREW - 1
    ARMOUR - None

    HISTORY - IT was made due to frustration

  • @"PFC Nieminen" you forgot to rate me fool

  • 7/10

    War Never Changes

    NAME - My Friends Dream Car

    YEAR - 1971

    CLASS - Redundant

    CREW - 4 (If they sit on the rear)

    ARMOUR - Open-Topped

    TRACKS - 2 and a Front Wheel

  • 5/10

    enter image description here

    NAME - T55E1 Gun Motor Carriage
    YEAR - 1943
    CLASS - Desert Tank Destroyer
    CREW - 4
    ARMOUR - .25in
    PRIMARY ARMAMENT - 76mm M7 gun with 90 rounds
    SECONDARY ARMAMENT - .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun with 400 rounds

    HISTORY - The one T55E1 GMC prototype succeeded the lone T55 vehicle, which was also designed by the Cook Brothers. Both the T55 and T55E1 were informally called the 'Cook Interceptor' and were chain driven. Although the peformance of both vehicles was deemed very good they were not adopted for production because by the time they were tested in 1942-43, the US Army's preference had changed in favor of tracked anti-tank vehicles instead.

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