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    That bounce... Low...ri...dah... is a lil higha 10/10
    COUNTRY - USA, Somalian variant
    NAME - UH-60 Blackhawk Down
    YEAR - 1974, variant 1993
    CLASS - Utility helicopter
    CREW - 2-4+

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    enter image description here

    PLACE OF ORIGIN - Bikini Bottom
    NAME - The Patty Wagon
    YEAR - 2004
    CLASS - pussy magnet
    CREW - 2 (you can probably cram a third in)
    ARMOUR - Lettuce

    HISTORY- The Patty Wagon possesses a fuel-injected deep fryer with dual overhead grease traps, a sesame seed surface finish and grilled leather interior.

    Only 1 was ever made.

    The Patty Wagon was eaten by a fish, which was then eaten by a bigger fish. The vehicle is presumed to be destroyed or lost at the bottom of the atoll.

    absolute madmen

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    enter image description here

    PLACE OF ORIGIN - Garrison's garage
    NAME - IT
    YEAR - 2001
    CLASS - Sphere
    CREW - 1
    ARMOUR - None

    HISTORY - IT was made due to frustration

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    @"PFC Nieminen" you forgot to rate me fool

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    War Never Changes

    NAME - My Friends Dream Car

    YEAR - 1971

    CLASS - Redundant

    CREW - 4 (If they sit on the rear)

    ARMOUR - Open-Topped

    TRACKS - 2 and a Front Wheel

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