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"I mentioned this on steam discussion, and the developers told me it was a server side issue. So I'll post it here"

I don't see the realism in being able to spectate and look around once you die. I think once somebody dies, it should be a black screen.

If I am hiding in cover "say a bush" and I kill someone, once they enter that spectate crap, they can instantly find me while they wait to spawn again, come back and kill me.

People can fly up in the air, and tell their teams where tanks or mdvs are heading, or hiding. Especially on bridgehead.

Consider removing it.


  • I have been playing Darkest Hour for almost three years now. This is the first time I have heard of this issue.

    Keep moving, don't stay in one place too long, kill them before they kill you and I do not see a problem.

    If you have any solid evidence of people using spectate to gain an unfair advantage on our servers then let us know (A screenshot would be ideal).

    Removing an integral feature of a game is most likely unnecessary.

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    I think you're not "getting it"

    I am not talking about "spectate", the one you choose in the menu.

    I am talking about the automatic spectate once you die. You are able to roam around until you spawn again.

    Do you understand?

  • I don't think I need to "get it" here. Your point is moot.

    Spectate, whether you see the guy that kills you, or roam around in 'free-camera' actively searching, has never been an issue. As with many features in a game, it can be open to abuse, in which case you contact the server admin WITH PROOF and it can be dealt with.

    Even if this feature was subject to systematic exploitation by its user-base, which there is no proof to support this, you would be asking us to consider completely removing the aforementioned feature simply because you said so. A prospect that would be met with much consternation from all parties.

    Do you understand?

  • Darkest Hour is not supposed to be a 100% realistic game. There are people that enjoy the free roaming aspect after death and it saves the rounds from campers and makes the game the much more fun.
    If you want, when you die, you can leave the server, because dead people don't respawn. It makes it more realistic. I don't think anyone's gonna change the whole game for 1 person.

  • If your suggestion was to be implemented, what would stop someone from just joining spectators after they die, seeing where the enemy is, and then joining their team again?

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    2lt Dashwood, this isn't an "issue of abuse" that needs to be reported, every player does this. It's like playing split screen with your best friend on whatever video game, you obviously screen cheat even though you don't admit it.

    Cpl Lacey, darkest hour could be about 5% more realistic than it is if this goofy feature is removed. Campers? You think the real 29th army complained about german campers 70 years ago?

    PFC Egelund, the exact thing that would stop a player from joining spectators after they die, is in fact because you lose your points in doing so. You also lose your class, and possibly the team you were on with full servers going.

    I am not the only one who feels this way.


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    2Lt Theel raises some solid points in the thread you linked, Tech, and although I haven't played DH in ~5 years (I used to play it avidly) I do agree that in a game like Darkest Hour having a free roam spectate on death is a tad too 'gamey' (for lack of a better expression).

    It would therefore be interesting to perhaps trial, as Cpt Patterson posted, the various server-side compromises between "black screen as soon as you die, spec friendly players, spec view points or the current setting which is free roam."

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