Help with Arma 3 Eden editor

Since a few weeks ago I started trying to make missions for the 1st time. I've learned stuff from some tutorials on Youtube but for now I'm stuck with something "simple".

I want to make 2 squads of AI entering in 2 trucks. The trucks are grouped to drive in a convoy formation.
enter image description here
enter image description here

So, squad1 has a waypoint to walk to truck1
And squad2 has a waypoint to walk to truck2
Each truck has its driver already
I know how to make enter one single squad in a single vehicle not in a group. Waypoint "move" then waypoint "get in" sync with the waypoint "load" for the vehicle. And to make them leave, waypoint "transport unload" sync with waypoint "get out".
But this doesn't work with a group of vehicles because all the waypoints are linked to one vehicle (the one designated as group leader).
An alternative to those waypoints are the scripting commands. They are all showed on the wiki but I'm completly lost. It shows what to type, but not where.
One of the script I found is "orderGetIn" + "assignAsCargo". But what do I type where ? In the squad Init ? In every soldier Init of the squad ? Something in the truck Init ? Something in a trigger "on activation" ? Something in the "on activation" of a waypoint Move ?
I tried multiple things but all I get is "error type this expected that", "error missing something",...

If a kind person knowing how it works can take the time to write what I have to do, it would be very appreciated.

"squad1" into "truck1" + "squad2" into truck2"
Convoy goes from point A to point B (this part I know how it works ^^)
At point B, the squads disembark and go to their different positions


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