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If you've seen the movie Fury, then you'll surely remember the crossroads battle scene where our heroes, the Sherman tank crew, fight over 300 Waffen-SS soldiers.
I might be crazy, but I thought we could re-create that in DH. The battle would be recorded, edited and uploaded to YouTube.
Not only will this make a great video promoting DH and the 29th ID, but it will also make all those people who were disappointed by the film's lack of realism happy.
Not to mention how fun will it be acting it out on DH :)

Nothing here will be scripted. The Germans just need to march down the road until the tank starts firing. After that, it's all improv. You must work together and use tactics to take this tank out - and not just run into MG fire like in the movie...

enter image description here

I've already got a tank crew, but I'm running kinda low on Germans. I need about 25-32 European players who are ready to give their lives for ze Reich und ze Führer!
I could also use 2 or 3 people with better PCs who will record this epic event from Spectator mode. All of you taking part will be mentioned in the video.

So, if anyone out here is interested in taking part, just say it in the comments ;)


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  • Yeah I'll help out. Oh and the final battle scene in Fury was ridiculous and stupid!

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    Would be interesting

  • Interesting for this topic also this german review with english subtitles (youtube options) about "realism" in this movie:

  • who the hill stays in his tank knowing that an SS battalion is marching towards is a better scenario....they ditch the tank they go back to base they regroup get a new tank and then go back to deal with the battalion but now with alot of support with them....they destroy the SS battalion and everybody survives...yaay The End

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