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Signal Corps Office
Darkest Hour Scrimmage Program

The following article is aimed at providing the necessary information for other units to contact and prepare scrimmages with the 29th Infantry Division on the Darkest Hour mod for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.
Who we are
The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit spread throughout multiple games in multiple time periods. Each game is supported separately by different companies while serving under the same Battalion so that all games and soldiers function individually and as all whole.
We follow a U.S. Military structure and currently work on Darkest Hour Mod, Red Orchestra 2 and ARMA III.
Realism Scrimmages and events
Scrimmages (Or scrims) are organized matches where the 29th ID battles others units under the use of certain rules (For example: a single life for each soldier per round and balance settings for each team while keeping the match realistic).
Some of these scrimms have taken place as entire campaigns, where we recreate entire operations in day-by-day fighting in different maps from said operation.
A public scrimmage is an event where soldiers of the 29th Infantry Division and public players have a chance to get together and play using the typical rules we adopt during our weekly drills.
Every squad from every platoon must attend weekly drills in preparation for these scrims, where every platoon in every company must fight several times a year.
The 29th also takes part in special events frequently, such as Halloween zombie events.
What we are looking for
The 29th ID is in search of a challenge; we want to set up a scrim/event with your unit/group in the Darkest Hour game. We have good experience in this matter, and that is why we invite you to arrange this with us.
Who to contact
If you happen to be interested in a realism scrim or event of any kind, these are the personnel to contact:

Captain Patty, Baker Company CO.
29th Forums: Patty
Private, First Class Schuurman, Signal Corps Unit Liason
29th Forums: Schuurman

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Teamspeak Server
IP: or
Password: 29th

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