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Hello Major Whitby. This is Captain Nomad of the USMC 1st Force Reconnaissance. We are console based, specifically on Battlefield 4. We are planning on developing a second Battalion for ARMA III. We have been well aware of your team for quite some time. Our reasons for contacting you are for our own enlightenment of the more technical aspects of training on ARMA III. We assume your command staff may be busy and possibly find it difficult to make time to teach us, however we were curious if you'd allow us to spectate and participate in one of your unit's functions, as we would like to take notes and perhaps take a little knowledge on how to run an Arma Milsim back with us. It would be great to hear back from you. Contact us through any of the links down below. We look forward to working with the 29th in the future. Thank you for your time.

Steam URLs:

2nd Lt Burns:

Capt. Nomad:


Email @


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