Sniper Elite 4

Hey guys!

Sniper Elite 4 is out and im searching ppl to play, so if anyone wanna play some copp hit me on steam: Pvt. Yukki [29ID]


  • Whats the verdict? Any good? Ive played the last 3 figured it is much the same.

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    A.I is allot tougher, and the first three missions are really introduction missions but after that it gets tougher, animations also have improved.

    Example of the improved A.I is that they now are not separate soldiers, they belong to a squad, when one of their squad is missing, they immediately search for him and are shocked to find out you killed him! Also stating lines like: "Who's body is it?" "My god, his body is still warm!"

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    @"Sgt.Veld" well that seems interesting about the A.I and about the Squad and sound nice they made it a bit difficult now

  • I played it in a free weekend. I only completed the first couple of missions, after that I was quite bored.

  • Someone is still interested playing some co-op mission on any difficulty? Also we can earn some achievements. I'm open: -Stach

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