Evening Gents!


I and a few others within the 29th have discovered a free game on steam called Foxhole. It is a top down 3rd person multiplayer shooter with an open world.

The gameplay involves supplying your troops, building fortifications, attacking enemy held cities while defending your own, and using communication with other people/squads to achieve your goals.


The game is in pre-alpha so their may be minor glitches and many gameplay features are being worked on.

Download info:

The game is on steam and is only around 500mb- 1gb to download.

^ An example of gameplay if you wish to preview it


  • I know that @"Pvt. MacDonald" and @"Cpl. Nicolai" play it a lot. I play it occasionally, but would prefer to in a big group.

    Perhaps we could all get together one night?

  • I am not really into this kind of games but maybe I can give it a try

  • It seems pretty grindy for not much return. The actual gun play is interesting enough, I just wish they took the idea and applied it to a different game.

  • I can agree with SSgt. on the grind. Sure its fun to build up but it feels like it takes too long to get going. It's also very anti casual. Still, if you have a group it can be some decent fun. Played with a group of 5 tonight but even then, more could have been better.

  • Yes, definitely too much resource gathering, building, crafting etc for my taste. The voice chat system works well though, and the community seems to be very nice, which is a big plus for me. If you want a title with a similar gameplay but less grinding, check Running with Rifles out.

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