Problem With Stavelot (Post 7.2 update)

Looks like the Stavelot map may be slightly broken right now, unless it was a glitch. Once the Axis captured Abbey Road and Lake Road, no more objectives became available and the map just played until time expired with no more cap zones. This just finished minutes ago (March 23, 1145 CST).


  • Just popped in to the server and it happened to be on Stavelot again (~1630 CST). Pretty much the same thing with the objectives disappearing, but this was just a bit different as the Haut Rivage and Chatelet cap zones did become active after Abbey and Lake were captured. In fact, the Axis capped Chatelet, but as soon as the Allies took it back, then the objectives disappeared.

  • Thank you for reporting the issue. Our engineer corps has been made aware and will investigate.

  • Odd considering it is the official 7.1 version.

    I will let Theel know.

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