RAID: World War II

From the makers of Payday 2, RAID: World War II is a 4-player co-op FPS.


  • Looks cool! I liked the payday game design. WW2 co-op should be a good time.

  • Could be good. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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    For anyone who owns Payday 2, you can now play the public beta! The game pretty much is Payday in WW2, game still needs some work, AI is just like it was in Payday, dumb as a brick, so they just throw waves and waves of enemies on you in groups. Graphics are also not that better than Payday 2, looks even worse, maybe it's because it's a beta, sometimes they don't enable the high res textures for a beta.

  • @"Ssgt. Veld" do you have to had bought payday recently? I own the game and didn't found how pick up the beta for that game

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    Played one map and then uninstalled. Terrible.

  • @"2Lt. Bergstrom" said:
    Played one map and then installed. Terrible.

    How could you play before installing it?
    Teach me master so I could save my precious HDD space

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    @"PFC Thomas" said:
    Teach me master so I could save my precious HDD space

    Don't install it. That easy :P

  • I don't find it that bad, but okay I just played offline anyway is too much arcade more than payday 2

  • I also found it awful, uninstalled after half a game

  • Seems like an overpriced WWII re-skin of Payday 2.

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