Mud & Blood 2 - Random flash game

Says it on the tin. It's a random WW2 defence game where you're given four marines to start off with and as waves go on and you buy more stuff with your racked up points, you try your best to survive as long as possible and make sure no germans get to the other side. What wave you will survive to?


  • Coincidentally I was trying to remember the name of this game recently, I have fond memories of this game when I was younger. Thanks for finding this!

  • It's cool, hope you enjoy it!

  • Same here, used to play this a few years back.

  • I played it a few years ago as well!!

    The 'Nam one, Mud and Blood Recon isn't bad either.

  • I never heard of this Recon version. Playing it now and I'm really enjoying it, gives me the same kind of feel as the first M&B game where you got given a random swarm of troops to attack and defend a base with.

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