DH Varaville

Sorry if this should instead be posted on the DH Steam Community forum or Darklight's GitHub page, but Varaville is a "custom map" and I don't know who authored it and can never tell if issues are map related or server related, so since I experienced the issue on your guys' server, I'll let you decide how to handle it.

Playing Varaville yesterday evening as the Axis Combat Engineer, I was unable to switch from the MP40 to any other weapon. According to the role screen, the CE was supposed to have an MP40, frag grenades, smoke grenade, and satchel. I tried all sorts of things and nothing worked. I tried switching weapons by both using the scroll wheel and hot key selection, tried dropping the MP40 and picking up a different primary weapon, re-spawning, and also changing classes and changing back. It wouldn't let me pick up additional grenades and I did notice that when I died, all the weapons I was supposed to have did drop to the ground. This continued even after the spawn points changed when the Allies advanced. One of the other Axis players seemed to indicate this was something he'd experienced before on this map.


  • Hello, I'm the author of the map and thanks for bringing this up. I will fix the issue for the next version of the map.

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