Plz Help Unfairly Band!

Now I was on the server at about 8:30 or 8:35ish and a while ago I redownloaded the game so my name was seat by default to DH Player I was kicked from another server for it being that and was told to change it because people with that name where messing with them I gees or “trolling them” so I quickly went to the lobby and changed it to something with a cuss in it just to kind of be funny for my friend Dorogi and I had this name with the cuss in it for weeks and never had a problem players on other servers even laughed and joked around with me about it until I decided to play on 29th I was having a great time and talking to some guy whose name I forgot when I was abruptly kicked with no warning so I lo0ged back on and died in the public chat alright who kicked me? And some one sided the admin so I said why and some guy died because your name hase expletive language in it and I had no Idea this was the admin talking to me and I still don't know if it was but anyway I sied in the chat ok sary I'll change it after this death I then proceeded to ask if that's ok? And no response so I thought oh maybe he left and no one els seems to care I mean I don't want to lose this roll I have so I'll just change it the next time i'm in the lobby right then out of nowhere I got permanently banned! Plz help!


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    ROID: 76561198103081010

    Which Game were you banned on? Darkest Hour

    Date/Time of Ban: April 4th, 2017

    Name you used when banned: SweetBabbyCuntFuck

    Admin who banned you: Unknown

    Why were you banned: Having an inappropriate name

    Why should you be unbanned: "I know it was stupid and I shouldn't have had it that but It was to joke around with my friend and I had it for a while with no complaints so I just figured no one cared"

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    All ban disputes are handled by our corps of MPs. Not through public discussion.

    Your dispute was replied to in the proper thread.

    Please respect our forum rules.

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