Call Of Duty: World War 2

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Their website suggests they are. Would you guys play this?



  • Yes yes and more yes. Judging by the pictures it's going to be grungy and gritty. I can't wait for a good Call Of Duty WW2 campaign.

  • If I didn't read wrong 26 of this month there will be a conference that will show more info

  • Man, I can't wait to see how they get jetpacks and hot pink digital gun skins into World War 2. Must be an alternate timeline...

  • @"MSgt.Conrad" maybe a wolfeinstein time line xD

  • Get a 20 kill streak and you can call in a tactical Fat Man.

  • Can't wait for all the people crying about how unrealistic a cod game is going to be.

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    Looks pretty awesome. Has a separate co-op campaign to the single player campaign.

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    IGN livestream from the reveal, shows the trailer and than Activision talking about the game:

    I am honestly happy they are returning to their WW2 roots, i have been waiting for a big WW2 singleplayer in a videogame since COD World At War, that is already 9 years ago! I just hope they look at how COD1 and 2 played (had a bit more realism too it) and return to that.

    Found some more details including zombie co-op mode returning. A beta will be available if you preorder and such...

  • I won't lie, the trailer and the way they want to focus the game it looks very nice to me and of course the return of a origin

  • MG42 with the fire rate of a M1917
    Trash confirmed

  • The new german camo looks dope!

  • That Stg 44 looks terrific. Can't wait to spend all my money on supply boxes, so I can get that noice camo.

  • Going to be the downer here. Call of Duty has been completely ran into the ground, they need to let it die and just start an entirely new IP. (Of course they won't because money.) They did four games on WW2, no need for another, the target market it going to be the older players so they can make up for the huge loss they took on the last game. They even knew it was trash so they had to speed this one up a bit. After Black Ops 2, vowed to never buy another Call of Duty game for as long as they release, going to stick by it. Trust me, they'll find a way to monetize it even further than it already is going to be. Keep in mind this is just my opinion and my personal observation of the series.

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    Cod.WWII multi-player trailer:

    I won't lie there is a little hope it gonna be a great game

  • I cant wait for this. The more they show the more appealing it looks!

  • oh gawd, akimbo colts... lol

  • IGn trying out the weapons, weapons have like zero recoil, i think i will just check this game single player out via the 'free' way.

  • @"Ssgt.Veld" Yeah I am not used anymore to Cod and not recoil haha

  • Not impressed, wish games like COD and Battlefield would go back to being historical and realistic.

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    I mean I don't play COD anymore, but having every game be "historical and realistic" would get pretty dull pretty fast. COD may not be for everyone, but they know their consumers well and continually generate content for them. Love it or hate it I'm sure the game will be enjoyable for many, will be interesting to see how the game is received by COD fans.

  • @"PFC McDonough" I loved some Cod games specially the world War 2, the thing is I am not used to Cod anymore but the game seems fun and arcade as Cod use to be, so maybe there is a chance they do it good

  • Yes, with black Wehrmacht soldiers, black female paratroopers, female Africa corps British soldiers, with kar9k that have mag, with bar with holographic sight, with m1a1 Thompson with drum mag, with mg34 from aircraft instead of "das Heer" version, with mp40 with no recoil at all, with Springfield that is reloaded by a clip. without Soviet union, while being totally censored. Thanks, but no thanks!

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    I HOPE they keep it historical. BF1 turned me off so badly because PC..

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    This game is just as historical as BF1 it seems, holographic sights on the BAR, and for some reason there are black female German soldiers running around. And from what i have seen so far from the current private beta, the maps are incredibly small.

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    Its call of duty... They have moved away from historically accurate games for over a decade now. They are catering to young children or people that just want quick nonsensical action.

  • I watched the beta and the fact that there is already one dominant weapon to choose over everything else is a bummer. The maps are incredibly small and force you constantly through narrow passages. Looks bad.

  • @"PFC Boelter" said:
    Looks bad.

    Is bad.

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