Call Of Duty: World War 2



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    edited August 28

    this game is a meme in comparison to other contemporary WW2 shooters, sorry folks but nah. COD 3 is where it's at

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    Open beta will land in PC on 29th of September

    Open beta

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    edited September 18

    Single Player Story trailer:

    They are going a bit too overboard with all the drama, but looks good, but i am not buying this game, the MP is not my kind of style anymore. (close quarters fighting, no recoil on weapons, half a clip/magazine to kill someone and the historical inaccuracies.)

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    Game looks amazing, buying for sure. Again, its a Call of Duty game, not Red Orchestra.

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    the video looks nice too ,some moments look like some war film i liked it , maybe someday gonna buy it if i like the beta ,and gets cheaper,i guess i will have to get used to play some arcade again. But it doesent look bad ,time will say

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