Unbanned - Bosnian

Which Game were you banned on? (DH, RS, ArmA3)Darkest hour
Date/Time of Ban: I think like 6 months ago
Name you used when banned: I don't know anymore
Admin who banned you: I don't know
Why were you banned: Because I typed "shit" in the chat
Why should you be unbanned: The game is fucking awesome and there are no servers with players except yours. and I wanna play already <3


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    when will i be unbanned so i mean will i get a message or ?

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    Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

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    edited May 2017

    wtf it has been 3 days and my ip is still banned from the server ?? I need to kill ze germans

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    It's this small thing called patience. The world is bigger than you playing games.

    You've been unbanned. I hope that your attitude improves whilst you enter BCT and as you pub.

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    I dont want to get on someone nerves but my IP is still banned from the server ?

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    Try joining the server again. It should work.

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