Far Cry 5

Another Far Cry game coming out!


  • That trailer looks amazing. We'll see if it's like that in the final game, though.

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    But won't release untill February of 2018

  • LOL Far Cry: Deliverance? I'm intrigued.

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    crafting/hunting now basically ruined
    perk system now really strange and seems foreign
    while there is a massive variety of melee weapons (except there aren't any bladed weapons...) other weapons seem to be lacking as well as their attachments
    story 6/10 at most
    you'll love the game if you fancy running around destroying the same things, completing the same type of missions and killing the same type of people all over again just in a different area

    soundtrack is lit though

    I'm looking forward to the DLC that comes out for the most part, but honestly the base game isn't worth £50.

  • I didnt remember Far Cry 2 was this way

  • Far Cry 2 was an amazing game, Far Cry 3 was a huge turn that worked out so well for them but since then they have been trying to recreate the success of 3

  • agree but i am amused bythe level of details Far cry used to have

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