Unbanned - Akyo

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ROID: 76561197960348091
Which Game were you banned on: Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: 5/31/2017 right now (9pm)
Name you used when banned: Akyo
Admin who banned you: T/5 Orhan
Why were you banned: I think I was banned because of chatting. I was defending muslims, cause several guys did demand a killing of muslims...
Why should you be unbanned: Because I did nothing bad, only defend muslims in the chat... Why should I be PERMANENTLY banned because of that? Why did u not ban the other guys asking for a genocide of muslims...


  • Same, I got banned too. Me and you were having the discussion and I got banned, I didn't even make any racial remarks.

  • Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

  • In the future, let our admins deal with those discussions. Those involved were dealt with.

    You've been unbanned.

  • Thanks a lot Cpt. Fritz.

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