Unbanned - St_Peter

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ROID: 76561198133810898
Which Game were you banned on? (DH, RS, ArmA3) Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: 5/31/2017 (2:10 pm)
Name you used when banned: St_Peter
Admin who banned you: T/5 Orhan
Why were you banned: Having a non-racial and non-controversy discussion with a player on how to ignore the other players that want to commit genocide on the Muslim population.
Why should you be unbanned: I wish to be unbanned because I wasn't given warning or a kick since I am new to the server. Orhan was being lazy and said consequences will be heavily punished, but I assumed he was talking to the players purposely team killing other players. Me and the other player were only discussing a topic, and the other players can easily mute us both, but we shouldn't be permanently banned for that reason.


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