Tekken 7

Yo, its that time again for hype!
Dunno how many of you guys keep an eye out for fighting games but one of the biggest series out there, Tekken , has just released their seventh installment!

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Any of you folks out here lookin' to get it? I certainly will so if you wanna have a few matches while the game's still brand spanking fresh, just hit me up! PC version has been performing quite well so far, netcode seems solid. S'also allot of tweaks and some new mechanic's, while some of the characters still function like I remember it too. Only real problem is that there's a slight problem in matchmaking at times, but that should be no problem in private lobbies eh? Anyways, lemme know what y'all think, and add me if you want a proper asswhooping.

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  • Game been around since 2015, and while I'm not much of a fighter game guy, it's fun to watch for that nostalgia. Probably going to be passing on this one tbh.

  • I am more interested if I am honest in Injustice 2 but yeah is cool see again tekken

  • Definantly, nostalgia wise its certainly a kicker for me since I must have played the litteral death outta instalments 4 and 5. Never been a big fan of the tag team installments so seeing another main line installment pop up is great. Injustice 2 seems good as well to be fair, but I've never been a big fan of nether-realm fighters. Even though stuff like mortal kombat's verry cool, I've never been able to pick up the mechanic's much.

  • I've been playing it on the ps4 and it's nice but I'm missing alot of the older characters plus the "storymode" is a complete joke. Plus the special attacks are a real pain in the ass, that mechanic shouldve been left in other fighter games.

    On the plus side, the levels look beautiful and jack still pwns.

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