Permanently Banned - Raz

So yesterday as I'm writing this Snacky Scoob started teamkilling me, (unmistakeably so because it was with melee) grabbing my sniper rifle while saying thanks. Then others joined with him and would do the same, tking constantly, they'd leave and come back with changed names.

The reason for this was because of some ancient argument I had with them, which I have forgotten but they still remember it cuz apparently they got very hurt, so they decided to conspire against me. They claimed that they had screenshots of me tking people and having -50 points, which is not true. Either they're just lies or someone used my name to tk. I can't believe I would have been banned without any of this being confirmed but instead simply based on HEARSAY and rumors.

These guys are going against me cuz I said stuff to them ages ago and they still cling on to it. I never engage with conversation with anyone, I'm not a trouble maker. These are teenagers that have no power in their personal lives and just go to a game to vent themselves in a way that they would never dare to vent themselves irl.

Bottom line.... I have no idea ultimately why I was banned, I am guessing they told someone somethin about me, but there is no real proof cuz l never did anything. Maybe they were given screenshots of someone tking with my name, but that was not me, I guarantee you do not have the IP adress of that tker. So I banned based on ASSUMPTION. People follow the majority, that's why if one guy has a problem with me, usually his friends will defend him blindly, that is how all this escalated.¨

I should be unbanned, because I never did anything, these are kids that are angry at something in their lives, at their bullies, but only vent it online. One main reason they might be angry at me is cuz they're under the impression that I made sure their god Rafter was banned some time ago. Believe me, I wish I was responsible for his ban, but I had nothing to do with it. How could I? I'm not even an admin.


  • To add to this, just to clarify furthermore - These are people that conspire against me for whatever reason, they're sensitive children that cried over something I said ages ago, cuz as I said I never even talk to anyone in the game, I just play. The thing is this however - They took screenshots of someone tking with my name I would assume, cuz they said they had "proof". This person might be helvete, a guy also in sweden who is a tker, known by Orhan and others for tking. Patison also witnessed when Scoob and his pals tk'd me while accusing me of tking.

    The process of banning someone should be much more meticulous than this, I didn't think the 29th could be fooled by simple hearsay and whatever random claims that people say that is deemed true simply cuz a certain number of ppl are saying it. There is absolutely no proof that I tk'd until l had -50, that was either a lie or someone posing as me to do so.

    I did tk after they tk'd me, which again, Patison can testify to, he saw when they tk'd 2 days ago approximately. They're playing with the 29th by changing names and tking people and then going against those ppl by accusing them of tking first, cuz they know the 29th trusts whatever the majority says. Whatever happened to evidence? Again, you can ask Orhan and Patison about this, they started tking. I never tk. I only tkd them back.

    They would leave the game and return with other names, is this all it takes to fool the 29th? You have NO PROOF of the claims that they have of what I did, all I did was tk in return, nothing else. One of them came in with the name "Batman", which was really lazy because I know the guy who uses that name, he's from Hungary I believe, they're not even trying. These people need to be banned, not me.

    These are kids with issues, they have been bullied in school, from the studies I've done and the things I've researched, everything points toward this fact. So unban me, I haven't done anything that was worse than what they did. These are kids that are sensitive and have no solid foundation in their lives, they have no power, so they vent themselves in a game. I thought the 29th was more refined than to fall for whatever a bunch of people would claim without any real proof.

  • ROID - 76561198313037959

  • This is what I have so far:

    ROID: 76561198313037959
    Which Game were you banned on? (DH, RS, ArmA3) DH
    Date/Time of Ban: Date/Time
    Name you used when banned: Name
    Admin who banned you: Unkown
    Why were you banned: Unknown
    Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned, because I never did anything, these are kids that are angry at something in their lives, at their bullies, but only vent it online. One main reason they might be angry at me is cuz they're under the impression that I made sure their god Rafter was banned some time ago. Believe me, I wish I was responsible for his ban, but I had nothing to do with it. How could I? I'm not even an admin.

    Please fill in the blanks/correct any info.

  • This was a headache to read.

    Alright, you claim you never did anything, but then admit to creating a negative atmosphere for yourself and others, then go about blaming others for it, claiming your innocence. If you did absolutely nothing wrong, then why are you berating these people in game? Why do I have proof of this in form of chat logs?

    Better yet, if you had been honest with me, perhaps I would considered unbanning you. But I think keeping you banned will do everyone a favor. This ban will stick for at least three months. Feel free to come back then.

  • I never denied those things you have been shown, cuz I have no idea what you have been shown. What I'm saying is that how this all started was not because of me. I did respond to their bullshit, YES, I did reply in such ways that you saw, YES. BUT it doesn't cross your mind that they have not shown you the entire thing. Don't you see how easy it is to frame someone in such a way?

    A bunch of people get together and decide to tk you and what not, and say things to provoke you to say things, and then when you DO react to that it is used against you as "evidence for causing trouble", when the reality is not that simple, the reality is it started with them for god knows what reason, cuz as I said I never even engage in conversation in game.

    What I suspect it might be is that they all think I caused the banning of one of their friends ages ago, and I mean ages ago, like months ago. Ever since they been pissed off at me. So think about that, they would change their names to my name and write stuff to make it seem as if I was saying them (not saying that these are the messages you saw by the way, I did say those things that they showed you, but again - out of context).

    This should be fairly clear right now. You don't have proof, you things out of context of people that agreed to do this because they have no lives. Did you see for example all the tking they did with other people's names? Did you talk to Patison about how they started tking me and grabbing my gun?

    So either you consider this or you basically just take their side cuz you're friends with them or something. You don't think those messages you were shown are a little strange on their own without any reason to them? That's because they had a reason, it seems you been told I just came in, tkd and said all those mocking things. Nope, that was a response, not something I started.

    How did I admit that I created a negative atmosphere? People started tking me and trying to mock, and I just replied accordingly. Which I'm aware is against the rules to tk in return, but my point is I'm not the only one at fault, nor am I the one who did the worst, because I was not the instigator.

    So I don't know what you mean by me not being honest, I never denied anything, I said the whole thing was taken out of context. Try reading it again, are you from an english speaking country? Just read it again, or perhaps this message will suffice, where I've clarified it further with more simplicity.

    I tried to find where I had been not been honest in my first posts, I can't it, I have no idea how you managed to see it that way. I never even denied anything, I explained the context. I was ASSUMING you had been given blatantly fabricated screenshots (Cuz that's what they said they would do) where they claimed I had tk'd my way to having -50 points.

    I think you don't care to look into this further, you seem to be taking their side. OR you could just read carefully again. I probably should've been more clear with the statement "I never did anything wrong" which basically means - I did not start this, I just responded. I don't go in and start talking shit or bothering people just for the hell of it. These guys did however, THAT'S my point. And I replied accordingly

  • Then maybe you should be the mature one and not respond to it and rather seek an admin.

  • That's quite an upside down statement, it confirms your just defending your friends, you take their side blindly. Who was the immature one but those who started it and would do all the things I mentioned earlier? They planned it, they planned on fooling you by showing you certain messages out of context, not showing what they had replied. There are logs saved of the convos, you can check them out.

    I already said I know tking in return and such is breaking the rules, but if I was banned then they too should be banned, because they started it, tking repeatedly, stealing guns, Patison was there, he saw it.

    You know that I'm right, maybe it's just tough for you to admit it. I already said that I broke the rules by replying accordingly to their BS, but with that logic in your last statement then they should be banned as well. It was literally 3-5 guys vs me alone, tking me and I'm the one that gets banned for saying few words and simply tking in return?

    Think about that for a sec. Immature reply of yours to say the least.

  • edited June 2017

    No, whats immature is your inability to drop it and accept your ban, and prove to me you are capable of learning from your mistakes. Clearly you lack integrity and respect.

    Seeing that you are being consistent I'll do everyone a favor and end it with this.

    Permanently banned.

    Learn how to be respectful to others, it might help you in life.

  • I will find you, you must've heard of the cartels active these days ;D.

    You're just defending your faggot friends hahahaha. You are so butthurt for having been proven wrong that you feel like redeeming your beaten ass by doing what you said you would do now hahahaha. Weakling piece of shit. Typical losers who have no power in their lives who try to compensate for it by abusing power in a game for example.

    I was respectful to everyone you ignorant, simpleminded son of a meth whore lowlife piece of shit ;). They tk'd me and I replied. And the reason you won't even look into that is 1. Your ego is huge and sensitive of being proven wrong 2. You're just defending your pals and taking sides.

    How does it feel to be so seethrough? You know nothing about respect, just like your "justice" system in america (the most corrupt nation on earth, including UK, Australia, all those places that have the same blueprint) you reflect that.

    Booohoooo you were proven wrong by having logic thrown at you and for that you get all shakey and scared and go ahead to deal with it that way. I'm gonna find you and hurt you and your family. IRL. IP's are reaaaaally easy to find via this stuff ;), loser. As I said, look up the current cartels and try to guess which one it is that goes after you.

    What's immature is you banning people without knowing the full story, to be fooled by people who conspired against someone and showed you out of context messages which easily fooled your simpleminded ass OR you know that their lies but you go with it cuz you simply take sides with your inbred gang. Most likely the case. Typical american, no sense of justice, no critical thinking.

    YOU learn to be respectful you meth son of a toothless whore. You are clearly taking their side without looking into this situation neutrally. Did I hurt your feelings too some time maybe?

    You are done :). How does it feel? Go fuck your mother in hell. Since you been doin that in this life so much, I figure you will continue that in hell as well. Also, I will return with another ROID. What are you gonna do about you butthurt little princess?

    Hilarious that you would talk to people about respect BAHAHAHAHAHA. Fragile lil bitch douchebag cunt inbred child that can't take being told the truth. Just like your cops over there, your judges, they think their position means they can't be called out for being this or that, and thus they give longer sentences and what not, that's the way it is over there and no one questions it, sheeple piece of shit.

    I said to you that I know I broke the rules, my only point was I did not break them first, I did not do them for no reason, it was a RESPONSE. There are logs of the convos and there you could see what actually took place. Patison could testify that I did not begin tking. So by your OWN logic you low intellect subbeing douche you should ban them too. And that's just using your OWN logic. 4 guys vs 1 guy and the 1 guy who responds to their behavior gets banned. Does that make sense to you?

    I indeed must've hurt you feelings some time. You have no life, you have no aspirations, you joined a fucking video game clan like a fucking child that joins some little club, I always looked down on people that joined clans, are you even able to admit that to people you meet irl? "teehee, l belong to a clan... in a GAME" Fucking loser ;D. You probably have no physical fitness, you have no aspirations, no goals, no imagination, no dreams, no success, you just compensate for the lack of life you have by playing a GAME bahahahaha.

    This is a real phenomena, which I am making a documentary of, have for few years. How people who are afraid of life and can't navigate through it successfully, compensate by replacing their lives with games and begin identifying success in game as real life success. Quite a distorted leap for the mind to take.

    You arrogant scum piece of shit ;D, telling people life advice hahahaha. From a guy who has no success in life at all and lives in a game. So many contradictions in your retarded statements it's unbelievable

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