Some feedback

Hiya guys, I'm just submitting some feedback about what I've seen over the last few days/ weeks of participating in the 29th. I'm sure some of this can be taken over to the RS and Arma3 server areas. I myself have served in realism units since 2012, between here and other games. I recently went through BCT and noticed some things that could be changed.

- Follow your own rules
There are sometimes when I see the 29th ID tags and I'm glad that they're online, as it means I won't have to worry about any cheap tactics and nonsense that the rules don't allow. However there were consistent players that were always subverting the rules on the server. The no spawnkilling rule clearly states that spawnkilling is killing someone either in the spawn or at the only exit from the spawn itself. There were several times when a 29th ID member has performed this, or seen this being performed, and done nothing, and when confronted, declared that it's only spawnkilling if the egg icon comes up. This directly conflict with the rules as stated.
- Confronting negative speech and behaviour
A great deal of negative behaviour can erupt on the server. There's never anything wrong with any small amount of complaining, as it can often bring some conversations to the mix and get people talking. However there are times where the conversation can get heated, and the server becomes a hotbed for negative speech, occasional racism and people who are getting annoyed at new players. Possibly more admin attention and more people online during peak hours can possibly help reduce the annoyance level, and keep the spirit and morale on the server open and happy.


I enjoyed BCT to a certain degree. I think there are several areas in which BCT can be improved, and made more enjoyable.

  • Using TS for BCT
    There were several times in which I could not understand my DI as the game chat, mixed with his microphone, and I'm sorry to say his accent, made it very difficult. We were all in the same boat. Several times we had to ask him to repeat, but also if we didn't hear him, he would take it out on us for being sluggish, and berate us. I understand it's all in good fun, but it's incredibly frustrating to try and fumble through it. If it's about secrecy, whispers can be set up to other ADIs to mask the unneeded conversation.
  • A more light hearted approach.
    Sometimes we all want a little bit of GSgt Hartman. It helps to fit in the atmosphere and fit in the milsim mindset. However DIs are also there to help, assist and remain patient for troops, and there were times during our BCT, where either a language barrier problem, the microphone issues or simply getting an understanding of the game was holding some of the troops back, and this in turn led to them being berated, and possibly feeling slightly useless and discouraged. Get them excited, congratulate them when they get it right, but keep the fun personalities and creative threats where they belong; In the lineups and the start of the drills.
    As I understand from the YT videos, the 29th loses a lot of this when you graduate BCT, and start working as a unit, as it should. There's nothing wrong with some vigour in the training, as long as you help as much as instruct. You're there to teach, not to live out your fantasies. (No offense intended)
  • Use the fact that it's a game to your advantage
    Sometimes it's useful to mix game mechanics with the real life stuff. The real life squad, platoon and batallion size drills are fun, they work and they're an integral part of the milsim life. there were times where the DI could have explained how the game works, rather than what to do as a soldier. Thinking about pixels, learning distance, actual sprinting time and actual techniques rather than just a demonstration.

I have a few more pieces of feedback here and there, bu I'll add them in later if you guys deem it acceptable.



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