Make a Seperate server for people to have fun.

Having someone permanently banned for a little discussion topic from another persons commit and one that came from a member of the 29th is very ignorant and dumb, I should not be banned for other peoples discussion, and what we can not talk about stuff for fun? I say Sieg Heil, cause thats all this place is, its a place were people can not come together and have fun. Who should care what other people talk about on a public server? Its public! its a place were people have fun playing a game and talk about useless topics or serious topics with the next day not caring about what happen the day after because it is a VIDEO GAME! Also banning people from the only active server is ridiculous, people love this game, I Love this game, and I get banned because someone doesn't want peoples' feelings hurt? The 29th try to promote this game being a warlike game, are they saying soldiers dont talk about there feelings and opinion and dont share information to pass time with each other? I say if people feel offended " which is what the 29th is worryign about,, which i dont see why?* Then either get off the game server, Join the 29th, or just dont talk about it and play the game and ignore, there is mic disability for a reason, What the 29th is doing banning ME for something which is insignificant as talking about pointless topics is sad. If the 29th doesnt want this problem, then they should set up a server where they dont care about and let people play to play, and have no rules except for no cheating, and have there own server to themselves and have people join there community to play in there server. If anyone wants to post a commint to make this discussion happen please do so, Id be so happy to hear what people say. of course the 29th will tear this down. Have a fun time, cause ill be here for a month.


  • Saying Sieg Heil is actually pretty racist, which goes against our rules which you said you read.

    As for the definition of public, does that mean that you can go outside on a city street and not be arrested for indecent exposure? There are rules, very basic ones we all follow that you fail to grasp. Likewise, we do not promote the game, the 29th is not Darklight games, we did not make it, we simply reside within the community, hosting servers for both ourselves and public members to enjoy. To ensure everyone enjoys it, we have basic rules to cut trolling and try to keep the environment which we all play in civil so people can get a decent quality gaming experience in. There are other servers you can play in and after this, you'll be forced to. Or play the broken singleplayer by yourself. Either way, have fun because you've been permanently banned.

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