Playerunknown's battlegrounds

Hello all,

Have recently picked up this game on Steam to treat myself now that I have finished my exams for this year. It's a battle royale type game, similar to Arma 3 Wasteland or Exile game modes.

This video does a good job of showing what the game is like:

If anyone else plays, feel free to add me on Steam and we can play sometime.


  • Absolutely addicted to this, spent about 25 hours in it in the past 4 days. Really recommend it to anyone interested in that sort of genre. Performance is very good, averaging 70 fps on an FX8350, GTX1060 3GB, and 16GB RAM at high settings with shadows on very low (can't see inside buildings with shadows on high, and also is bad for fps).

  • I would love to but I feel my laptop can't with this one

  • There are some 29th members that I saw playing it, like Arasson, WO1 Laggy, Cpl. Dongen etc if you are interested to play with someone

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