Unbanned - Mr Schizoid

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My Roid: 76561198171270011
Game: Ban from DH
Date: 14.06.2017
Name: Mr/Dr Schizoid
Admin: dont know
Why were you banned: I've done wrong once and made -26, mainly killing myself by granades and destroying two tanks, it was only once in my history in DH. I thought I will get a session ban not permanent. I'm really sorry.
Why should you be unbanned: I started playing DH 5-6 years ago, I played 1147 hours not to mention RO1 without any permanent ban, so this is my first one. I'm really sorry for my short-term stupidity it won't occur anymore if you unbann me, so please unbann me.


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    Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

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    Thank you, I am looking forward to hear some good news.

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    I'll take your word on it that it won't happen again.

    You've been unbanned.

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    Thanks very much, I promise it won't happen again, I'm a serious player.

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