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Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/Factorio/

So for anyone who has Factorio, I am planning on getting a server running at set times through out the week, probably on Wednesdays. I would like to gauge interest, to see how many people we might be able to get. If we can get at least 5 people interested, I will look at using the Experimental Beta build of Factorio (free for anyone who owns Factorio) and run a Wave Defense mode, where we have to defend our factory from waves of enemies. I am planning on using a mod that increases the ways we can process and refine material to make it more realistic.


  • I've been playing this game for a while now. Totally up for some coop.

  • Up for some coop! Been playing vanilla with a few mods. Picker etc.

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    I am trying out a collection of mods, Bob's, Angel's, some of the AAI programmable stuff, to see how stable it might be for a multiplayer game.

    EDIT: I am probably going to plan on doing this as a long term campaign style game, using all of Bob's and Angel's mods, to add more complexity to the game. If you guys want more info to get an idea just message me.

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    Bob's and Angel are very complex.
    Don't know if I'd be able to pull those off.
    I'm still struggling with vanilla.

    I'd not advise AAI programmable.
    That's with the remote drone tanks right?
    I've seen some campaigns on youtube where it dropped UPS/FPS hard if there were to many.
    And it's difficult to control how many are produced as well as programming them where to go and so on.
    EDIT: Try looking for Arumba and or Steejo on youtube, they did a coop campaign with AAI. Wasn't quite stable.

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    Yep. I was reading that, I decided on just Angel's and and Bob's. We would be starting fresh, and I have some experience with both mods.

  • Sounds good. You might want the Picker mod. And the mod that gives you more inserter positions. Maybe even warehouses and loaders.

  • I'm totally up for it. I never messed with those mods, but I`m willing to learn. The vanilla already gave me a blast, with these mods it will definitely make it even better.
    Just to make sure we have this moving forward, you guys want to use some place to share information (besides the forums), like google drive or drop box, and maybe try to schedule sessions?

  • I have a Discord Server set up for Factorio.

  • Anyone who is interested, please get in contact with me for the link to download all the mods.

  • Started, so far we don't have much yet.@"T5 Pinto" @"T5 Mueller" @"Cpl. Ochs" I think in the weekends it's best to schedule some sessions. Maybe in EST mornings somewhre. By then it's about GMT noon.

  • That would be lovely, I think if we have sessions on weekends we will have more progress

  • I am fine with weekends, I just have to see if I get this new job and what my schedule will be like.

  • Picking this back up. Anyone interested?

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