The 29th Infantry Division in Popular Media

Aside from being a real-life division in the United States Army, the 29th Infantry Division has also been featured in various forms of media, mostly for its role in the Invasion of Normandy during the Second World War. In this short article, we will look at some of these appearances.

imageThe 29th ID is referenced numerous times in the famous 1998 Steven Spielberg film Saving Private Ryan, where the blue and gray insignia of the 29th can be seen numerous times in the opening scene during the American landings on Omaha Beach as part of the Invasion of Normandy. In addition, one of the main characters, T/5 Timothy E. Upham (played by Jeremy Davies, shown right), is mentioned as being on loan from the 29th to Captain Miller's squad and can be seen throughout the film with the very same insignia on his arm.

Various soldiers from the 29th ID can also be seen in the 1962 film - also about the D-Day landings - The Longest Day, prominently featuring the division’s actions on Omaha Beach during the Second World War.

Aside from television and film, numerous references to the 29th ID can be found in many different video games. The 1996 game Close Combat is based upon the fighting done by the 29th during Operation Cobra in WWII. In the 2006 RTS game Company of Heroes, the player is put in control of the 116th Infantry Regiment of the 29th, again during the Battle of Normandy. The American campaign for Call of Duty 3 puts the player in the shoes of Private Nichols of the 29th a month after the D-Day landings. The division is also featured to in the 2002 FPS, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

imageFinally, the division of course lends its name to this very virtual military unit with over 300 current members founded in 2005, based in Darkest Hour, ARMA 3, and Rising Storm. The unit regularly pays homage to the efforts of the real life 29th ID during the Normandy landings through the use of equipment and weapons during missions and drills that were used at the time, as well as a rank structure very similar to that of the USA in WWII.

The legacy of the 29th Infantry Division is certainly one which continues to live on outside of the battlefield within popular media; and with its integral role in the D-Day Normandy landings, as well as its contributions to the present-day War on Terror in the Middle East, this legacy is sure to live on.

Written by PFC Laird.
Edited by PFC Svenson.
Formatted by PFC Laird.


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