Traction Wars

I seen this game awhile back now. They went dark for a bit but recently posted some new videos including some game play. Not sure what to think as of now. Definitely looks like they are taking a Squad game approach even adding the same rally point system. Just keeping an eye on it is all. What do you guys think?


  • Using the cryengine is cool, I'm liking how all these WW2 styled games are all coming out/ being developed now. Gives us a lot to choose from and should help motivate the developers to make better games. The FTP aspect is another interesting feature, makes me wonder how they will compensate for lack of income though.

  • I agree, I don't know why you would make a free game. Anything like this is bound to have something costly that will end up ruining it for everyone. If its going to be a good game, just announce you are going to charge for it. They will probably do something dumb like, 5 bucks to play with the MP40 or something.

  • They say no microtransactions on their webpage, though there has to be something. They are not putting all this effort forward into something they cant generate profit from.

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