Unbanned - Aryan

edited August 2017 in Ban Disputes

ROID: 76561198034450295
Which Game were you banned on? Darkest Hour
Date/Time of Ban: a couple of months ago
Name you used when banned: Aryan
Admin who banned you: I don't really remember
Why were you banned: was talking shit
Why should you be unbanned: I was childish and I apologize, I really love this game ... I hope u understand guys


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    Your ban dispute will be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

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    Thank you very much buddy

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    "Talking shit" and spewing anti-semetic comments on the server. If you love the game so much, start following our rules or you may find yourself unable to play again.

    You've been unbanned.

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    Thank you Mr. Fritz!!!!

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