map explotes and teleporting players??

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remelle, cater tan causeway and several others have been exploited by several players.. I have watched players appear out of to my amazement land on top of roofs. magic no its and exploit in the maps and players are using it to kill other players. if a mp or higher wants the players names I will forward it to you but will not list them in public. in the past players took advantage of donner and would go behide the map and kill players many were banned for this. I watch one player appear from on top of a roof and go thru a building to appear behide the tiger on remmelle and kill the tank and laugh about his great skill I told him that was map explot
remmele map is the map one but its a new problem more players are doing it as the weeks are going by. if its legal were is the ladder


  • shooting from on top of roof that are not designed for all players is an exploit other wise all should have that ability
    I'm not saying hacking but its has hints of it.

  • Hello hawk1s1k,

    T/5 Orhan here, you can PM me about the situation.

    Kind Regards

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