It aint workin

Hi, so yeah, you need to start letting non-29thers be admins. There's plenty of trustworthy members that are there rather often that can responsibly ban.

Otherwise the only populated server for this game is going to crap. The dobadders know this and take full advantage of this fact. It's not 2014 anymore. The situation has changed. Give others banning power.



  • Which game are you referring to? Darkest Hour, RO2, or ARMA 3.

  • Based on the username, I'd say it is probably Darkest Hour.

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    I don't know if I would give a non-member the power to ban. Maybe just the power to kick? And only to players with a solid reputation... Do you have any names?

    But I agree: playing DH on the 29th server when no 29th members are around to administer it can be a truly frustrating, mediocre, experience... It WILL drive some players away from the game, and KILL it!

  • Trolling by the usual suspects on DH Battalion server reached a new level this week, with a coordinated group spawn killing and abusing the glitch to change skins. Someone, i think an RB member, stepped up to enforce some order (not letting one of the spawn killers get out of their tank). I appreciate the server but am disappointed that it is not more frequented by 29th.

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