Holdfast: Nations At War (Napoleon Era Multiplayer)

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For some reason this one slipped under the radar for me, it's going into Steam Early Access on September 21st! It basically is allot like the Napoleonic War mod for Mount And Blade: Warband, but the difference is in this game you can join the navy as well!

Game Info:

"Holdfast: Nations At War is an online multiplayer first and third person shooter focusing on a combination of teamwork and individual skill. Take part in historic clashes on land and at sea waged by the most powerful nations during the great Napoleonic Era.

"Command and crew historically inspired sailing vessels in powerful duels or within squadron operations where cooperation in running your vessels leads to victory. War at sea is an entirely different setting and these clashes will take place off the coast in a selection of beautiful arenas."

"Take the King’s shilling or fight for the Emperor in glorious Napoleonic field battles. Join the ranks and keep the line steady or provide support from the rear with cannon fire as you strive for dominance over the battlefield."


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    I shall have to sip some Napoleon brandy while DL'ing this..

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    Some gameplay:

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    Tried the game today! It's allot of fun, the biggest improvement it has over its spiritual predecessor Napoleonic Wars, is that this game actually allows you to walk with your musket when you reload! There is allot of players still, performance was not all that great but its still alpha. There also is VOIP, both sides can hear you, so it's quite funny to hear people react during melee charges. There is also a downside to VOIP, and that is the many voip spammers, but thank god, they added a mute option in the game already!

    The naval maps work pretty well but you need a good crew or you are toast.

    Recording of a round:

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    Recording some more, there is some excellent teamwork sometimes:

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