Award (Leon D. Laird)

WO1 Kear said:
Through casual perusal of the articles and works produced by Civil Affairs one name kept appearing either in editorial, formatting or (mostly) authorial credit: PFC Laird, who holds six jobs within Civil Affairs (alongside two of the more important ones in Lighthouse: ADI/EL, by all accounts he performs these excellently as well) whilst also managing to fulfill his duties as ASL (I can confirm) and work through SLT. If this isn't supreme dedication to the staff offices I can't think of a more fitting AFSM candidate.

PFC Laird has an amazing attitude and is always working hard for Civil Affairs or Lighthouse. He helps out cadets literally, part of his remit as EL is to assist (potential) new 29ers. Proved dedication to the 29th by consistently publishing high quality material for Civil Affairs to use. By all accounts has done well managing many (seven) staff jobs alongside his leadership duties. To round it all off: exceeds the essential criteria - PFC Laird has 92% attendance past 90 days and no disciplinary demerits overall.

It is my privilege to award PFC laird the Armed Forces Service Medal. Congratulations PFC!


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